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IVNA response to VCI Public Consultation on Canine Surgical Artificial Insemination 29/11/23


IVNA VCI Correspondence Renewal of Registration Fees Dec2019

Correspondence to the VCI relaying concerns regarding the withdrawal of Direct Debit Facilities

Correspondence from Revenue Commissioners - Tax Relief

The IVNA have issued correspondence to the Revenue Commissioners in relation to increasing the Tax Relief benefits associated with work related expenses.

IVNA Ltr to Revenue Tax Relief June19

Response re tax relief for RVNs working expenses

IVNA Response Letter to Revenue Tax Relief March 2019

IVNA response to Revenue re tax relief for RVNs on work expenses March 2019

IVNA Ltr to VCI Classified adverts & PAS Inspection

Further complaints regarding the inappropriate advertisement for Veterinary Nurses and request for information regarding PAS inspections in order to prevent unqualified staff performing acts of veterinary medicine.

VCI Response to Classified Advert & Complaint

Read the VCI response to May 2018 correspondence

IVNA Ltr to VCI Classified Adverts and Unqualified Person

IVNA complaint regarding classified adverts, introduction of classified advert position statement and the reporting of improper use of the title VN and unqualified person in practice.

IVNA Letter to VCI on Corporate Consultation

The IVNA made the following submissions on behalf of our members to VCI in relation to the consultation process for the introduction of corporate ownership of veterinary businesses in Ireland.  

IVNA Letter to Revenue Commisioners Tax Relief

As the Representative Association for the Veterinary Nursing Profession in Ireland, the IVNA seeks clarification in relation to tax credits and tax exemptions for taxpayers within our
profession.  In particular relating to areas of annual registration fees, textbooks, equipment and continual education.

IVNA Position Statement - RVN Classified Adverts

With an increase in inappropriate classified adverts circulating the IVNA upon recommendation from IVNU have developed a position statement with regards to the construction of advertisements.  This position statement was issued to advertisers, recruitment agencies and the VCI advising that certain classified advertisement criteria be met in order to protect the status of Irish Veterinary Nurses in Veterinary Practices, encourage transparency and increase retention of skill and knowledge within the profession.

IVNA Statement, VCI VN Registration Fees

IVNA have released a position statement to the VCI on the recent increase to VN registration fees.

VCI Response on Microchipping Query

The IVNA issued correspondence to the VCI regarding microchipping for clarification.  Read more to view the VCI response.

Improve your career prospects - BSc Hons VN Top Up

Napier University is now offering a distance learning BSc Hon top up course for Veterinary Nurses.  

VCI response to IVNA query regarding Epidural administration.

The IVNA issued correspondence to the VCI requesting clarification on an RVN being permitted to perform an Epidural on a Ewe.  Read more to view the VCI response.

VCI response to Microchipping being an act of veterinary medicine

The IVNA requested clarificaiton from VCI regarding Microchippling being an act of veterinary medicine.  Read more to view the VCI response to this query.

VCI Response to New Graduate Registration

The IVNA issued correspondence to the VCI regarding multiple queries received from new graduates regarding registration.  Read more to view VCI response to this query.

VCI Response to RVN Administering Vaccinations

The IVNA raised a query with the VCI regarding registered veterinary nurses administering vaccinations.  Read more to view the VCI response to this query.

DAF Response to VPA 2005 Amendment

The IVNA issued correspondence to Minister Simon Covney regarding the amended Veterinary Practice Act 2005

DAF Response to Responsible Person

THe IVNA issued correspondence to the DAF objecting to RVN requirement to complete a responsible persons training programme


National Veterinary Nurse Survey 2011

The IVNA undertook a National Survey of the Veterinary Nurse Profession, covering topics such as employment conditions, benefits, rates of pay etc.

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