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Representing and Supporting Irish Veterinary Nurses Nationwide

The IVNA is a voluntary organisation and acts as the voice of its members in protecting and promoting the Veterinary Nursing profession within Ireland.


The IVNA is the only representative organisation for Veterinary Nurses in the Republic of Ireland. The association promotes animal health, care and welfare and fosters a need to cultivate the highest standard of veterinary nursing through the continuing advancement of professional development and ongoing education.  


This site has been designed to provide veterinary nurses and support staff with up-to-date information about many aspects of the profession including Continuing Professional Development, legislative changes and other relevant news items.

The aims of the IVNA include:


  • Representation of the veterinary nursing profession generally and specifically IVNA members.


  • Provision of continuing education events for student veterinary nurses and qualified veterinary nurses


  • Promote the profession and liaise with national and international veterinary bodies and stakeholders e.g. Veterinary Council of Ireland, VETTNET, IVNTA and Educational Providers.


  • Provide advice, support and guidance to its members.


  • Any other matters which may affect the education or work of veterinary nurses.



The IVNA and its members would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors. 

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