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Who is your RVN?

Promoting Irish Veterinary Nurses Nationwide

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As the representative body for Irish Veterinary Nurses, the IVNA strive to raise the profile of the Registered Veterinary Nurse both within the veterinary industry and to the general public.

In 2018  we devised an RVN Awareness strategic plan were we began to develop materials which are distributed to our members for display in their Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals, some of which can be found below.  Our awareness and promotion campaigns are important to us as a profession.  it is known that the profession is often misunderstood by members of the public and what the role of a veterinary nurse involves, what the term "Registered" means and the importance of that, not only to our members but to the safety of patients under our care.

What does the title "Registered Veterinary Nurse" actually mean? 


To be a Registered Veterinary Nurse, one must achieve a qualification from an accredited programme of learning by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.  Joining the register is a legal requirement and only those who are registered can perform acts of Veterinary Nursing and hold the title "Veterinary Nurse" which is protected by law.

What is the Veterinary Council of Ireland?  

The Veterinary Council of Ireland is the regulatory body for the Veterinary Profession, it is a Statutory Body established under the Veterinary Practice Act 2005.  The principal function of the Council is to regulate and manage the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing in the State in the public interest.

Why is it important to regulate the profession?

Being a Registered Veterinary Nurse means that you have achieved a standard of training and qualification which has been approved by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.  Registrants are held accountable and follow a code of professional conduct.  Registrants must obtain annual Continual Veterinary Education credits in order to maintain level of education and skills required to provide the highest stand of care.

As a representative we receive many letters of correspondence from concerned registrants about the serious issue of non-registered individuals pertaining to be Veterinary Nurses or performing acts of Veterinary Nursing.  In order to protect our profession and address this issue we hope that our Awareness Campaign will play a part in highlighting the role of the Registered Veterinary Nurse to members of the public and within industry. 


We encourage the public to ask "Who is my RVN" and "Who is caring for my pets" and we praise those practices who employ, promote and utilise Registered Veterinary Nurses and their training for raising the standards of care for their patients.  

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