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IVNA Journal 6th Edition

Read the latest updates on IVNA Congress, Awards, VNAM and a fantastic VN CVE article by Liane Henry RVN

IVNA Journal - 5th Edition

Read about committee updates for 2019, correspondence issued and the latest in CVE and IVNU events.

IVNA Journal - 4th Edition

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the IVNA Journal.  This members publication brings updates on IVNU and SIPTU progress, committee updates, Congress 2019 Review and the launch of our RVN Awareness Campaign.

IVNA Journal - 3rd Edition

Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the IVNA Journal, read about the latest PR campaign and Charity of the year 2019.

IVNA Journal - 2nd Edition

Welcome to IVNA Journal 2nd Edition, it's packed with news. We hope you enjoy the read!

IVNA Journal - 1st Edition

Welcome to the very 1st edition of the IVNA Veterinary Nursing Journal which will be published Bi-monthly for members only.  Read all about the 2018 IVNA Congress, Committee annual review and upcoming campaigns, National VN Survey and IVNU subcommittee objectives.  Each edition will also include latest industry news, VN articles and classified adverts.

Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring 2018 issue Members Newsletter

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