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(ie. 1st Year Student)

The Irish Veterinary Nursing Association

The enactment of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005 brought great change and development to the Veterinary Industry as a whole, particularly influencing the Veterinary Nursing Profession.  This was the first time in Irish History that the VN profession became legislated and protected by law.  With that a great need for an association completely dedicated to the interests and issues concerning Irish nurses and students became vitally important.  The goal of the Irish Veterinary Nursing Association is to promote animal health, care and welfare through the continuing advancement of professional standards of veterinary nursing.

Aims of the IVNA

  • To represent and promote the profession
  • of veterinary nursing in Ireland.
  • Provision of continuing education for
  • students and qualified veterinary nurses.
  • Liaison with national and international
  • Representation with government bodies.
  • Any other matters which may affect the education or work of veterinary nurses

Benefits of membership Include (depending on category)

  • A dedicated committee working voluntarily on your behalf.
  • The association acts as the voice of its members in protecting and promoting the profession of veterinary nursing.
  • Opportunity for regular contact with other members of the profession.
  • VNA Membership Card
  • IVNA Pin Badge
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Savings on insurance policies such as VHI Healthcare.
  • Discounts with AA breakdown recovery
  • Discounts with Vet Professionals
  • Discounts on Books, CPD and Congress
  • Representation, advice and support
  • Affordable regional meetings and CPD
  • Subscription to the Irish Veterinary Journal.
  • And much more! 
  • Registered Veterinary Nurse €50 - renewal €55 - new membership (Open to Qualified VN’s Only, non VCI registered VNs must supply proof of a qualification eligible for registration)
  • Student Veterinary Nurse €40 (Open to Student VNs attending one of the 5 accredited courses in Ireland only)
  • Student Veterinary Nurse FOC (Open to Student VNs attending one of the 5 accredited courses in Ireland only)
  • Associate Membership €46 (Associate membership shall be open to veterinary support staff who are not RVN’s or student VN’s. QVN’s may join as full members on production of proof of qualification which is eligible for registration in the Republic of Ireland or as associate members.)